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*Gamer meets Fashion.
*Card Captor Sakura meets Satan.
*Princess Zelda meets Jean-Paul Gaultier.
*Alice Liddell meets Gareth Pugh.
*Wonder Woman meets Akinori Isobe.
*She Hulk meets Alexander McQueen.

A true lover of beauty - beauty of the soul, the mind and body

Current hair colors: Boring old dark brown *sad face*

Current haircut: Medium lenght, nothing special. Slightly split ends.

♡ Animal Crossing Dream Code : 4200-3906-0464 ♡


shower me in various black items of clothing and hundred dollar bills


Trying to wear heels around the house more often so my feet get used to it ain’t about that flat foot lifestyle


Women and men should both know how to cook because neither feminism nor sexism are going to do shit for you when you’re hungry.



cute boys that watch anime are my type

cute boys that are anime are my type